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We strive to source clean, safe, sustainably sourced ingredients for our products. We take the position that the “Certified Organic” label is not always a guarantee for what that term was originally intended to describe. “Certified Organic” isn’t always the better option, in our opinion. “Organic Certification” is regulated by the FDA and we believe that the term has been politicized and regulated in a way that diminishes the term “organic” to a set of regulations that have loopholes and can sometimes mislead the consumer. Instead, we use a common sense approach that includes knowing where our ingredients come from and assessing the risk/benefits to using a particular product.


Traditionally soaps have been made from tallow, which is the rendered fat from animals. Most commercial soaps contain tallow and list it on the label as “sodium tallowate.” This is a fancy way of listing an ingredient that is basically animal fat that has been soaponified, ie. chemically turned into soap.

There are many people who prefer to avoid the use of animal products in their diet and cosmetics. We understand why and their reasons are commendable. We have decided to offer tallow soaps for several reasons:

1) it is a by-product that would otherwise be wasted and thrown away

2) it makes a very skin-friendly soap

3) avoiding it’s use will not help the animals in any way

4) we personally are not ethically opposed to it

The tallow we use in our soaps is from a local family butchering business. This local butchering business serves small farms in the area, not large commercial farms. We do not pay for the tallow. It is a waste product that would otherwise be thrown away. We do the labor-intensive process of rendering it ourselves for our handmade soap. It puts us in touch with our heritage and gives us an appreciation of our ancestors. We feel that we are honoring the animal’s life by making use of more of the animal that would have perished whether or not we used the tallow to make soap. If you include meat in your diet, we encourage you use tallow soap. We love animals and have a lot of wonderful pets. We believe all animals should be well-cared for and whenever they are to be put down, it should always be done in a humane manner.

We will clearly list all of the ingredients in our soap, so if you prefer vegan or vegetarian type soaps it will be easy to differentiate.


We are not currently taking on wholesale accounts. If you are interested in carrying our products at your retail location, you may contact us to be notified when we expand our wholesale program further. Please include your physical location address and the best time to contact you.