We are a family of soap enthusiasts, who love the science and art involved in the creation of soap! Our family enjoys the outdoors, gardening and raising all kinds of animals including: mason bees, backyard chickens and rescue rabbits. That is a lot of dirty projects! As you may guess, we not only love to make soap, but we probably use more than the average family.

Meet the Family

Jaimie – The master soap maker aficionado specialist. She has the best job of making the soap and the worst job of washing the dishes. Somehow she does just about everything else in between.

Cassi– Our beautiful and multi-talented daughter is our hydration expert. She happens to be an OCD hand-washer. Her hands are the first to know if a particular soap is going to have a drying effect on skin.

Mark – The handsome husband of the house is the masculinity expert. He lets me know what fragrances he likes, loves or that need to be “fired” from a guy’s point of view. He also helps set up our craft and trade show booths.

Mr. Bunz – He is our Netherland Dwarf bunny. His job is endorphin maximizer. This comes naturally to him and requires that he sit there and be his cute and fuzzy self. He provides the emotional therapy when the dishes get out of control.

How We Got Started

Over 10 years ago, Soap Authority started as a new hobby in a small kitchen. The decision to make soap stemmed from a desire to invest in learning a craft that produced a useful, quality product with unlimited creative potential. It was also an effort for Jaimie to return to her artistic roots. She was known by her family and peers throughout her whole life for her natural artistic ability. (Just ask them who was fought over when dividing into teams for family Pictionary!)

In high school, she was told that art “didn’t pay” and to look for another career. That led to various jobs in retail and loss prevention, a bachelors degree in business with a major in accounting, working at a corporate headquarters in the marketing department, and serving on the board of directors at the local chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

In 2016, Jaimie decided to combine her business skills, artistic ability and super-awesome customer fan club into a powerhouse adventure called Soap Authority. She thinks “the best part of the business is the ability to connect with people on a deeper level through artistic expression! We make art that is visually appealing, usable, nose-tickling and indulgent.”

Business Philosophy

We value the Truth, hard work, honesty, and integrity. That has shaped our world view and is at the core of how we run our business. Our business philosophy includes:

  • Treating all people with respect and dignity

  • Doing what is right over profit or popularity

  • Focusing on long-term growth over short-term gain

  • Supporting other small businesses

  • Accepting responsibility for our actions and acting responsibly

Customer Philosophy

We think shopping should be fun and our customers should feel loved! That is why we pay attention to the smallest of details and do our absolute best to create meaningful relationships with our customers. This means great quality control, being knowledgeable about what we do, shipping quickly and creating a “warm fuzzy bunny” shopping experience! We welcome constructive criticism, because it helps us become better at what we do.

We do, however, reserve the right to “fire” people who are not really our customers to begin with. That would include certain people whom we are incapable of pleasing, those who intentionally commit fraud, or big meanies.

Product Philosophy

We source our ingredients from reputable companies and look to source locally whenever feasible. Most of our ingredients are food grade with some being organic. Our palm oil is sourced sustainably. See our organic ingredients blog post for more information about our organic product usage.

Many of our soaps are vegan. Others, such as soap with honey and/or goat milk would be considered vegetarian-friendly. We also have old-fashioned tallow soaps. It is our belief that it is important to offer choices based on consumer values and preferences, and we pride ourselves in allowing our customers to vote for their favorite products with their dollar. See our tallow blog post for more information about why we choose to offer tallow soaps.