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Mirror Glaze Soap Cakes - Soap Authority: Follow along as I make six mirror glaze soap cakes using the same technique bakers use.

Mirror Glaze Soap Cakes

Making Mirror Glaze Soap Cakes with Soap Dough Making cold process soap by using the mirror glaze technique is similar to the cake decorating technique. This technique uses a combination of cold process soap, soap piping and tiny embellishments sculpted from soap dough. Soap Dough Prep Using soap dough I made last month and sealed […] Read more…

Kawaii Cupcakes Inlaid Soap - Soap Authority: Making detailed soap designs using embeds, soap carving and soap dough!

Kawaii Cupcake Inlaid Soap

Making kawaii cupcake inlaid soap using 100 percent cold process soap. This soap project is a combination of several inlaid soap techniques used to achieve detail not possible with other methods of design. Goal The goal with this soap making project was to use several different soap making techniques to achieve a flat inlaid type […] Read more…