Simple, inexpensive design  so you can spend more money on fragrances and less time on clean up!

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Save Money. Be Efficient.

It’s no secret that as a soap maker you need to make your cash count and squeeze more time out your bat-crazy schedule. Every bit of cash saved translates into more fragrances, and let’s be real. We soapers ALWAYS need one more bottle of fragrance!

Plus, prep and clean up seem to hog too much of the day, so whatever you can do to slash this is a MUST!

Wanna more of have both? Build your own big soap mold!

DIY Soap Mold eBook - Soap Authority: Make your own soap mold with step-by-step instructions!
DIY Soap Loaf Mold eBook - Soap Authority: Step-by-step instructions on building your own wooden soap mold!

Why build your own mold?

When you build your own 4- loaf soap mold, you are quadrupling your soap production without sacrificing your time & your budget! You will be making 4x the soap without 4x the labor!

This mold design makes four, eleven-bar loaves of soap (44 bars total), which is the exact equivalent of four Essential Depot RED silicone molds. If you are already using their silicone molds, you can keep your bars consistent!

It’s easy to line with freezer paper or waste basket liners, so you don’t have to wash four separate molds. The mold is designed with a hinged door for quick and effortless soap removal.

This design costs a fraction of what commercially made soap molds cost, without sacrificing quality, and there’s enough room to pipe soap frosting on the top for taller bars.

Economical to make, especially if you need more than one soap mold!

Building your own mold will save you a ton of cash on shipping costs, since soap molds are quite expensive to ship.

Holds up to 24 lbs. of soap!

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“Make Your Own 4 – Loaf Soap Mold”

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DIY Soap Loaf Mold eBook - Soap Authority: Step-by-step instructions on building your own wooden soap mold!

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