Printable Soap Labels

Floral Monochrome

Print labels so stylish, your soap might stroll down the red carpet… if it only had legs!

Save Money. Be Efficient.

It’s no secret that as a soap maker you need to make your cash count and squeeze more time out your bat-crazy schedule. Every bit of cash saved translates into more fragrances, and let’s be real. We soapers ALWAYS need one more bottle of fragrance!

Plus, packaging & design can suck up waaaay too much time, so whatever you can do to cut out the time gremlins is a MUST!

Wanna skip a few of the tech and design steps? I’ve got you covered!

Monochrome Soap Label Templates - Soap Authority: Make your own custom designed soap labels using our templates!


Why you need these labels:

Designing custom soap labels can take a lot of technical expertise, skill, and creative energy, which can be frustrating and time consuming! 

By using done-for-you soap labels, you are cutting out a major step without sacrificing quality!

No need to have expensive or complicated design software to have professional-looking labels.

Even if you have no prior experience making labels, you are in good hands! You will get easy to follow instructions that won’t leave you cursing and smashing your computer.

If you can use a printer and scissors, you are there!

You’ll be free from minimum label orders, so no more upfront investment just to find out you submitted the wrong design!

Save money by printing only what you need when you need it.

Your labels will print with cutting guides, ensuring a nice clean and consistent label.

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“Floral Monochrome Soap Labels”

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